This all started maybe three years ago. I am a single mother trying to give my five-year-old son the best life possible. We were living in a small basement apartment in Brentwood with no backyard for him to play in. It was emotionally a difficult thing for me. I felt that we were able to sacrifice for a few years while he was small. I was able to save enough money to be comfortable purchasing a home and had been at my job over 15 years. I gained confidence that I could put myself in a position where I could carry a mortgage. I went to HSBC to do the First Home Club and they told me about CHI. I attended the CHI orientation and completed the eHome America education course. I hesitated once and felt I wasn’t quite ready but once I found a house that would work for me I was right back at CHI. I applied for the grant and was approved. I verified everything ten times. The counselors at CHI were amazing. I could never have done it without them. I needed all new appliances and a new boiler within the first two weeks and the grant paid for them. Purchasing this home greatly improved mine and my son’s quality of life. We have a place to call our own and don’t worry about having to leave at the drop of a hat. My son has a yard to play in and windows to look out of. He has a place to take a bath and not have to stand in the shower. He has a place to have play dates that he doesn’t have to be embarrassed of. I’m so happy to be able to give him every possible chance to be successful. I am hopeful that buying this home is a great start to a better life. ~ LorraineWhen I received a notice of impending foreclosure, I contacted the Attorney General. His office referred me to Hudson Valley Legal Services since I am a Veteran and they referred me to CHI. Kara set me up with the guidelines and I proceeded to give her the paperwork she needed so we could get the loan modification. It took forever! The bank was difficult to deal with and we needed to resubmit the paperwork it seemed like ten times before they accepted it. We didn’t hear from them for a quite a while and then I received a letter in the mail one day. I couldn’t believe it and Kara couldn’t believe it! They gave me a trial program for two months and we met the payments and received official notification that our loan modification was approved. My wife and I were thrilled. We have been making all the payments since and have been able to keep our home. ~ Nicholas

I had been looking to buy a home for about three years and was having difficulty because I didn’t have the full down payment and it was holding me back. The real estate agent I was working with was showing me houses that were just out of my reach. They needed work and I didn’t have the money to get the work done. Then that same agent told me to check out CHI’s homeownership grant program. I looked it up online and read about it then attended the orientation. From there, I applied for the grant and it was smooth sailing. Juan Santana helped me application. I called him all the time and gave him all the information he was asking for. He was so helpful!  Once I was approved for the grant, Julie helped me a lot. Because I was purchasing a short sale, the home needed a lot of work. Three windows were broken. There was no stove and no refrigerator.  Thankfully, the grant paid for those fixtures. There’s no way I could have paid for everything to get fixed and paid the down payment.  I am forever grateful for CHI. I’ve been in the house almost exactly one year.  I love it. I wake up and I can’t believe it’s my own place. Whatever you guys need, I’ll do anything. I couldn’t have done it without you. ~ Diane

I stumbled across an advertisement in a local paper at the supermarket and at the time I didn’t know what I was going to do. I was behind in my mortgage and facing foreclosure. When I saw the ad, I thought, “Well let me see what this was about.”  I contacted CHI and they guided me through the process step by step. It was the first time we felt that we could save our house. They were present in any hearings we went to and told me what to do, what to prepare and gave us information. I had put most of my savings into the house so to lose it would have been crushing. The end result was that we were able to save our home, twice. Last summer we got behind in our mortgage again. This time we really thought it was over. But again, CHI delivered and we were able to be approved for a second modification. I share my story because there are people out there going through the same thing. I want to give them hope and make them want to come forward. There is help available at CHI. ~ George

I don’t remember how I originally got connected to CHI but it was about 20 years ago. I remember attending a night of education and then going through the program when it first started. Without CHI I would not be where I am today. I worked very hard to own my own home. I just received the paperwork from CHI that I satisfied my lien. I have one more year on my mortgage. I am beyond grateful! ~ Vicki