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Buying a home may be the largest investment you will ever make in your lifetime, and the process can be very stressful. CHI has developed a number of homebuyer education programs to help you to prepare, reducing your stress level, and making the home-buying process a joyful and rewarding experience.

The first step in the process is to register for an upcoming free Homebuyer Orientation session. Once you have attended a Homebuyer Orientation, it’s time to take the next step: taking one of CHI’s Homebuyer Education Courses or receiving One-on-One Counseling. CHI is a HUD-approved housing counseling agency, and our educators and counselors are experts in the field.

Homebuyer Education and Counseling will help you determine:

  • How much you can pay for a home
  • Whether you should rent or buy
  • How to obtain financing, and
  • Assistance that might be available, such as down-payment grants and low-interest
  • financing options.

Useful Links for Homebuyers:

Your Rights As A Homebuyer:


Consumer Financial Protection for Homeowners:


How to Save on Homeowners Insurance:



Please note that CHI requires everyone to attend a Homebuyer Orientation before applying for a down-payment assistance grant from CHI. So, if you want to start the process, be sure to register for an upcoming Homebuyer Orientation session

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