CHI launched a new initiative in late June which assists its homeless clients in gaining independence, the Hand Up Fund.
This fund, inspired by support from Charles Rutenberg Realty and The Slomo and Cindy Silvian Foundation is a vehicle to allow donors to have a direct impact in bettering the life of another. The donations are used to allow families living in CHI's emergency housing to meet needs that allow them to become more self-sufficient. These small amounts, anywhere from $25 to $250, cover costs associated with employment, education, vocational programs, after school activities for children and transportation.
“To many of us, these small costs would be insignificant. But our clients, who have so little, can see the $100 cost of a uniform for a job as insurmountable and a barrier to success. The Hand Up Fund allows us to break down this barrier,” said Alexander H. Roberts, Executive Director of CHI.