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October 13, 2020

Community Housing Innovations, Inc. Announces the Availability $600,000 in Financial Cash Assistance for Homeowners Facing Foreclosure Due to COVID-19.

The $600,000 grant is targeted ONLY to Westchester County Home Owners facing foreclosure due to the economic impacts of COVID-19.

Funds are available for a limited time only through December 30, 2020 and can help homeowners with up to 4 months of missed payments.

The grant funds can help homeowners with up to 4 months of missed payments.  The grant funds will go directly to lenders and can be used to pay expenses such as mortgage, tax and insurance payments. Grant funds can also be used to pay up to 4 months of maintenance for owners of cooperative units or Homeowner Association fees for condominium owners.

The program has no income restriction and assistance is available for all homeowners in Westchester County with the following restrictions:

  • Assistance limited to primary residences only.
  • The homeowner must have been current on mortgage payments as of March 2020,
  • The delinquency must be related to economic hardship due to COVID-19, and
  • Notice of Default or Notice of Foreclosure must have been received.

For an application, please email CHI at

CHI is offering free webinars for all those interested in learning more about the program and the application process. To get your questions answered please register ASAP!

Foreclosure -Prevention Assistance Application-CHI 2020

Under Westchester County’s new Housing Help Program, CHI has received funding for the Blue Priority Homeowners Initiative to assist homeowners in Westchester County who are facing foreclosure. See the County’s Press Release using the link below.

Westchester County Executive Press Release – Sept. 16, 2020

The program provides grants to cover up to four months of missed mortgage payments and related expenses such as taxes, insurance and homeowner association Fees or coop Maintenance Fees.

Proof that the missed mortgage payments are related to the effects of the pandemic is required. Participating homeowners must show that they were current on their mortgage as of March 2020. Please see the Fact Sheet using the link below.

Please contact CHI immediately for this assistance! The program runs only through the end of 2020, so submit your application today.  Contact CHI for more information; the best way to reach us is to email us at