COVID-19 Emergency Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2020 enacted 12/28/20

The NY state legislature passed the act to cover evictions, mortgage foreclosures, tax lien foreclosures and lien sales, as well as tax exemptions for homeowners.

This law protects homeowners and prevents mortgage foreclosure proceedings until May 1, 2021

Homeowners must submit a hardship declaration to explain the reasons they need additional time. The NY State Office of the Attorney General (OAG) administers this program.

Other protections:

  • Homeowners against foreclosures involving tax liens or
  • Municipal lien sales by the municipality,
  • Prohibits negative reporting to any credit reporting agency, and
  • Automatically re-enrolls property owners into SCHE and DHE exemption programs for 2021.

The hardship declaration can include not only a range of financial hardships related to COVID-19, but also the “significant health risk” of moving in the pandemic. To be able to fill out the hardship declaration form, please press CRTL and Click left bottom on your mouse then press OK   => Foreclosure-Notice.pdf (

The OAG wants to make sure that homeowners know that if they file a hardship declaration they can’t be foreclosed on before May 1 2021. Additionally, please inform the OAG about any difficulties homeowners encounter when invoking these protections in court or with their mortgage lenders.

For more help, call:
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