Latest Census Data Show Slowing of Young Adults Leaving Westchester

But the most exclusive communities still suffer greatest losses.

  The number of young adults 25-­34 living in Westchester remains lower than what it was in the 2000 Census but recovered nearly one percent since the last survey one year ago. According to the latest 2012 American Community Survey, the county has lost 12 percent of its 25-­34 year olds from the 2000 Census, but that represents an improvement over the 12.8 percent loss in the 2011 analysis. Confirming a trend noticed in the 2011 ACS, the greatest losses remain in the most expensive communities. In a report in February using the 2011 American Community Survey called, Richest Communities on Long Island and in Westchester Experiencing Demographic Collapse of Young Adult Workforce, Community Housing Innovations, Inc. found that Westchester County’s most expensive towns and villages had lost up to 63 percent of their 25-­34 year old adults since the 2000 Census. The new data show recovery in some of the hardest hit areas, and further losses in others. The analysis was presented by CHI executive director Alexander Roberts at the Salute to Sponsors event in Purchase, sponsored by the Urban Land Institute Northern New Jersey & Westchester/Fairfield. The 2011 report found that Scarsdale had lost 52 percent of its 25-­34 year olds since the 2000 Census. The 2012 data indicate that decline was cut to 42 percent. Rye, which registered a loss of 63 percent, cut that loss to 56 percent. Bedford showed the greatest recovery of 25-­34 year olds, going from a 21 percent loss to 14 percent, a one-­third improvement. Other exclusive communities, however, experienced further erosion of this young adult cohort. The loss of 25-­34 year olds in Bronxville doubled from 23 percent in the 2011 survey to 46 percent in 2012. The exodus in Pound Ridge went from a 58 percent decline to 63 percent. The communities with lower cost housing remained better positioned to retain their young adults. Far from losing its 25-­34 year olds, Peekskill remained a magnet with gains in the number of young adults of 12 percent, compared to a gain of 8 percent in the 2011 survey. While White Plains slipped—going from a gain of 6 percent in the 2011 survey to 5 percent in 2012—its downtown ZIP code registered a 35 percent increase. The 10601 ZIP code’s apartment building boom appears to be the most likely cause. New Rochelle also saw a major gain with its downtown development, as its loss of 25-­34 year olds was cut in half to 4 percent, from 8 percent in the previous survey. Port Chester’s loss was cut from 8 percent to just 2 percent, reflecting an influx of young people. All of the communities—both rich and poor—experienced losses in the 35-­44 year old cohort.  The total population of Westchester County increased only 2.9 percent, less than one-­third of the 9.85 percent national growth since the 2000 census. Here is a sampling of Westchester County towns and villages, indicating the loss or gain of 25-­34 year olds and 35-­44 year olds. Pound Ridge                                         -63%              -25% Rye                                                          -56%              -17% Lewisboro                                              -56%               -34% Larchmont                                             -47%               -47% Bronxville                                               -46%              -24% Scarsdale                                                -42%               -17% New Castle                                             -38%               -17% Somers                                                    -37%               -25% Yorktown Heights                                 -32%               -30% Bedford                                                   -14%               -26% Peekskill                                                 +12%               -­13% White Plains                                          +5%                 ­‐7% P0rt Chester                                           ‐2%                 ‐3% New Rochelle                                         -­4%                 ­‐16% Yonkers                                                   ­‐8%                 ­‐14% Mt. Vernon                                             ­‐11%               ­‐17%

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Map of Scarsdale Loss of 25-34 Year Old Population since 2000 Census Map of Downtown White Plains Gain of 25-34 Year Old Population since 2000 Census Map of Areas in Northern Westchester (Shaded) That Have Lost at least 20 percent of their 25-34 Year Old Population since 2000 Census Map of Census Tract in Harlem And Percentage Gains of 25-34 Year Old and White Populations since 2000 Census Read the Westchester County Business Journal story.