More Affordable Housing Needed on Long Island; Municipalities Need to do Their “Fair Share”

In testimony before the Suffolk County Legislature's Government Operations Committee, CHI Executive Director Alexander Roberts called for official adoption of the workforce housing goals set in a report to the County called the "Suffolk County Workforce Housing Needs Assessment."  The 2008 report set numerical goals for each municipality to meet the need for workforce housing.  However, Roberts said, the report presently sits on a shelf and is neither being implemented nor promoted. In late February, CHI released a study showing a "demographic collapse" of the young adult population in Long Island's most expensive suburban towns and villages, with places like Westhampton and Kings Point having lost more than half of their 25-34 year olds and a substantial percentage of their 35-44 year olds. Roberts urged the County to show leadership and provide a vehicle to stimulate economic growth to revitalize the tax base and attract the Millennials who are leaving. "By mandating numerical goals and not specific development projects, the County would leave specific zoning decisions with municipalities, while promoting the legal requirement of all municipalities to provide their fair share of the regional need for more affordable housing pursuant to New York State law," Roberts said. Hear the story that aired on WCBS Newsradio880. Read the story in Newsday.