With the launch of its new website, CHI is also introducing its new logo. Founded in 1991, CHI has been an innovative leader in developing and implementing cutting-edge programs to provide affordable housing and effective social services to low-income and working families in Westchester, the Hudson Valley and Long http://portageparkdistrict.org Island.

The new look is designed to reflect the professional reputation the organization has developed over the past two decades. The blue in the logo represents trust and integrity. The orange, a particularly warm color, signifies CHI’s vital mission of caring for and nurturing those in need. You’ll notice, too, that the blue letters in the logo transition from darker at the bottom to lighter at the top. This represents CHI’s history of being a nimble and innovative leader in the continually-evolving field of housing services and development.

While our look may have changed, our vision remains the same. CHI and its board and staff continue to be driven by the notion that everyone deserves a clean, safe and welcoming place in which to live. On this website and in our other communications, you’ll continue to hear more about CHI’s efforts to fulfill this mission through affordable housing development and by providing quality social services to those in our care.