Overcoming Homelessness, Surviving Domestic Violence & Battling Illness, CHI Client Publishes Second Book

December 19, 2017 – Fanchon Stylezz’s second novel, “Brave Heartz Taliyah’s Bittersweet Revenge,” follows main character Taliyah Russo as she delves into a world of vengeance, vowing to pay back everyone who has betrayed her. Following a heart transplant, Taliyah meets four young women in a behavioral program and convinces them to work with her. “It’s a story about four women who originally seek revenge but they end up coming together as women running a business. They all have different pasts and they learn about each other along the way,” said Fanchon. In real life, Fanchon Stylezz (real name Woodward) is the mother of three children whose life has taken twists and turns even the fiction author couldn’t imagine. In 2006, Woodward was referred to Community Housing Innovations, Inc. (CHI), Long Island’s largest provider of homeless housing and human services. She had been a repeated victim of domestic violence at the hands of her partner and was in protective custody. Within a year of being housed with CHI, Woodward gave birth to her third child and two weeks later suffered a massive heart attack. She was diagnosed with coronary artery disease and an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) was placed in her chest to keep her alive. That wouldn’t be the end of her medical troubles. In May 2013, she suffered a stroke. Through rigorous physical therapy, she was able to regain her ability to walk. Despite those setbacks, Woodward published her first book, “Heart of Kings,” in 2014. The book was a lifelong dream realized. It was self-published, as was her second book, with the help of friends. She credits her second book published this December to CHI case manager Brittni Traina. “She just kept saying ‘when are you going to do it?’ And then one day I said, ‘I need to show you something.’ I showed her the book and it was done, “said Woodward. “I finished it because of Brittni.” Woodward and her children rent a CHI-owned house in Lynbrook and receive supportive case management from the agency. Her children have grown up knowing that support is available to them when and if they need it. Woodward looks forward to the experience of the coming year. She has already been invited to the Canadian Book Expo in August 2018. Of publishing the book, Woodward said, “I can’t believe that I did it again.” The book was released on December 18th.  It is available for purchase on Amazon. About Community Housing Innovations Founded in 1991, Community Housing Innovations, Inc. is a nonprofit affordable housing and social services agency serving Westchester, the Hudson Valley and Long Island. CHI provides housing and human services that support social and economic independence. Programs include emergency and transitional housing, permanent housing, homeownership counseling, education, and down payment assistance, foreclosure prevention education, and development of fair and affordable housing. For more information on CHI, visit www.communityhousing.org.